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Hello and welcome to the internets number one online movie theater.

Just to you give you a little background about ourselves, is a network of Film makers  
Musicians,  Artist  and all around talented people.  Who realized that with over 2 Billion people online at any given time that it was safe to say that the future of media distribution was online.
So what we did was create a “space”  an online spot where people could come and  hangout.  Kindalike what your favorite record store use to be. Or the movie theater  you and your friends use to sneak
into with slices of pizza from your favorite pizza restaurant. is the  spot where
you and your friends can come,  hang out watch movies listen to  music play video games listen  to audio books and  have a good time. And the best part about it all is its free!  Free you say!? 
Yeah free.  All this information is free and accessible online to anyone who knows where to look for it.  But for us it’s not just about anything and everything,  it’s about what’s Hot!  If its playing on Mixvid  it’s the newest, the hottest, the freshest and  that’s what we’re about .With some much information online most of the good stuff gets lost in the clutter. We said lets narrow it down filter out the junk  and  give the people what they want. 24 hours of Raw, hilarious thought provoking, mind blowing entertainment. Mixvid is the Spot!
So feel free to peruse, mi casa su casa. if you have any questions or requests hit us up on facebook
or twitter and we'll get right back to you.  Also if you’re looking for the hottest  fashion,  gear for the
new school year,  hit up our Snack shop now  and we'll get you right.

Ok wonderful people thanks for stopping bye,
Kick back, have fun stay true stay intrigued
and most importantly enjoy your selves!

Best regards




Film Makers

If you're a film maker/director with a completed film and you're looking for online distribution you owe it to yourself to consider For consideration send us a link to your trailer, and or a synopsis of the movie for review. If it meets Mixvids criteria we will contact you to arrange to have your film aired.



Calling all film students, programmers and graphic artists. If you're interested in change, in being a part of something new, something different? Something that will shake and change the entertainment industry forever? We’ve got a position for you.Right now is looking for interns for various positions. This is different, this a is game changer... be a part of history.


DONATIONS (Help make us better:)

Be a part of our success. Help us make great films! What has begun as "MVP" Mixvid Productions (a film, music, and entertainment company) is expanding. Be a part of the goodness. We've received loads of great material to air, and excellent scripts to produce. Good films cost money. Your donations support up and coming film production, and site maintenance, so we can continue to bring you Great films, Great music, and Good times. Any donations are acceptable. Donations of $25 or more receive a free MIXVID.NET T-shirt.

Thanks for the Love. Thanks for the Help, and thanks for the Support.

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